Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Been coding all day

I have been pretty much coding since I woke up this morning and I am very happy with the results. I have been coding the AR Games for the Springfield Junior Project. There are four games that use Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality or just the camera for recognition. This is the first game "Bunny Maze" the code and the graphics for the demo was by me, the graphics for the final and the design will be by the students. The code has been done for a while just been optimizing it a bit today.
The second is "Zombie Football" where zombies invade a pitch and you have to dispatch them with your football skills, we will put in the graphics tomorrow. The big white block is the footballer, the little rectangles that slowly get bigger as they move towards you are the zombies. There is a power bar to help you continuing scoring despite the zombie apocalypse, so lets set how many you can get with three lives, while the hordes chase towards you.
I have two more to do "Animal Rescue" and "Trap the Dead", but I am going to have a break now.