Saturday, 9 June 2012

You're great, but I am not convinced I love you

So I did get my son an Android 4.0 tablet for his tenth birthday (see previous blog), admittedly I was bit nervous as I hadn't seen it in the flesh, just reviews and videos online etc. So I was relieved when it turned out to be pretty good especially for the price, it surfs the net, he can play games, watch BBC iPlayer and even Skype. There are a few issues, and these might sound dreadful at first but they aren't that bad, we'll start with the worst.

The SD card slot wasn't aligned properly so I had to pop it open to retrieve a micro sd card that disappeared into nowhere, much to my sons horror, I had his new tablet in pieces on the second day. But is all sorted and works wonderfully, he can now put his homework stuff on a micro sd card and in to the tablet. I am quite used to popping things open for minor repairs, it was a simple matter of taking the back case off getting card out and putting it back together, only better.

The battery life isn't great 4-6 hours tops and it seems to go down even if it isn't being used.

A few games purchased from the Android Market don't work at all. How foolish of me to expect a marketplace dedicated to providing products for a specific type of device, would actually have software that works on those devices. These are paid for games by major games companies and they don't work, that is awful. This is why I don't make Android apps, because there are too many possibilities, too many opportunities to go wrong.

He however loves it, absolutely loves it, Angry Birds (all), Wheres My Water? Cut The Rope, Fruit Ninja, he can play on the websites he likes because it has flash, you can add a keyboard and mouse to do even more.

So yay, I am pleased with it although not totally in love with the device, I am too used to the iPad 2, with software you pay for to work, I am gutted that I can't use flash though.