Monday, 9 April 2012

Future Retro

Just as I did with the BBC Micro (see blog) I have done with the ZX Spectrum. I have made a simple little sample playing keyboard from some sounds from my sample library. Unfortunately last year my hard drive died which had samples from hundreds of different machines, so in order to do this project I had to get the ZX Spectrum and +2 out of the loft. They are in plastic containers so they will pretty much last forever and just to extend that life I have recorded them and put them in an App "ZXSynth" which will hopefully be on its way to you soon. I can't believe how "buzzy" the sound was from the +2 but after coming to terms with it, I realised that is why I am doing it instead of imitating or emulating the sound. All done now, I might do the Atari 800 next :)

Here is the source code for the notes

10 PLAY "O3C&#C&D&#D&E&F&#F&G&#

For the Bass
10 PLAY "UX2000W0O3C&#C&D&#D&

For the SFX
10 BEEP (RND*50), (RND*0.5)
20 GOTO 10
30 REM CHANGE To -50 and 0.01 for
other random sounds.

Have fun. Can't remember what I did for the Drums so you'll have to work that out.

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