Monday, 2 April 2012

I'm busy

I haven't been blogging the exploits of my new computer recently, not because it isn't useful or the novelty has worn off. Quite the opposite I have been so busy I haven't written anything. The ability to work wherever I am means quite simply that I am working wherever I am. Currently I am juggling three papers for conferences for my PhD and this isn't a problem, whenever an academic epiphany comes to me I can simply open the MacBook and add it, whenever I want to add to a game I am working on I can. I have had to turn off the computer every couple of days to let it rest, Firefox seems to crash every couple of days, that is every couple of days, not three times an hour like the PC net-book did. I can do everything I need to do from this computer and now I have Windows 7 running on it I can use all my video and audio software that I prefer from my PC. Cross Side for the iPhone is coming, three papers are coming, I can't complain.

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