Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A dilemma, possibly.

I have recently set up a Creative Computing Club for the 12-16 year old age range and it is going great with some excellent results and feedback from both parents and students. There is however a dilemma , possibly, they are all boys. I know this is a common situation for computing in general, but my 7-11 groups are always 50/50 boys and girls and the situation on the Games Design degree is certainly improving. The thing is, I was actually taught to code by two women, and have worked with and met some amazing women in technology so I never see gender as an issue. I judge people on their output, not gender.

I really want to run an adult Creative Computing Club, I have received loads of emails asking for it, I am just concerned it may go the same way as the 12-16 group. I simply don't have time to run a fourth gender specific Creative Computing Club, so here is what I plan to do.

I will run one off day sessions for the adult Creative Computing Club, each session will be a self contained course. That way there is no long term commitment by the group once the session is over they can choose whether to return to the next one or not. If they don't feel they fit in or feel uncomfortable it is only for one day. I know, that sounds kind of terrible "don't worry if you feel uncomfortable, it is only for a day" but it is the only solution I can think of at this stage.

I really want Creative Computing Club to be as inclusive as possible, I want everybody coding and creating, and this is the only solution I could think of.

Any comments would be great.