Thursday, 3 May 2012

No this is AR Reality, not our reality.

So today I will be teaching students how to design applications using Augmented Reality, a crazy idea I know, but I think they will cope with it rather well. I had never done any AR projects before and I have a policy that if I don't know how to do it, I will either learn how to do it first or explain to the students that we will be learning together. Although last night I managed to complete several proof-of-concept applications using AR, I still think I will be learning a great deal with the students.

I have twelve students I have never met, A presentation on AR, I have three ideas we could use as a starting point and I have a lot of enthusiasm for the project, I think that is all I need. It has already been a learning experience for me i.e. last night I learned about QRCodes here is mine for my website. Again this is a project I couldn't have done with my old laptop, it just wouldn't have been able to cope with it. I am excited and I will blog later about how we adapt the ideas I have into applications using the students designs.

I will be using QR Codes instead of AR markers (which are fairly similar) for the project that way we can that way we can cover more areas in the sessions.

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