Saturday, 19 May 2012


So I have been working on the Game Britannia presentations, making them special and bigger and creating an entirely new talk about how I managed to make OCARBOT. The session is a behind the scenes look at making a video game and because I did everything for OCARBOT it is a first hand account. The session ends with the students trying out the new free OCARBOT EDU version for PC which only has fifteen of the fifty levels but it comes with a level editor. I am really pleased how it is turning out, it still has a few bugs, but keeping a few of them as talking points is important too.

Admittedly most of this work is being done on "HAL" the Windows desktop but the presentation which is being made alongside of it is on the MacBook Pro, that way I can flick between the two quickly. The preparation for the sessions has taken me from dawn to dusk to do but they are done and I look forward to running them at Games Britannia later in the year. It's 21:44 that's it for me for today.

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