Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Still Augmenting Everything

I should probably be asleep but I am having too much fun with AR at the moment and I need to test something out for the Springfield workshop on Thursday. The plan is for part of the lesson is to get the kids to try on an AR mask, by placing an AR marker on their forehead. I started by drawing the shapes but soon realised I could get better and quicker results by just adding a texture to a shape. I am quite pleased with the results.
I think that will be it for tonight though, I'll make some other masks tomorrow like zombie, a monkey and maybe another. It should be quite fun to see their reactions as they try on the different masks.

The best part about it is the image is textured on to a 3D object so as they turn at an angle so does the mask. So it gives real depth to the mask as you move around. Again this is something I could in no way do with my last laptop.

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