Sunday, 11 March 2012

Best of Both Worlds

So today I did something strange, I gave a 128GB space to Windows 7 Professional on my MacBook Pro. It suddenly dawned on me, that because I can run Boot Camp, by buying a Mac your actually buying two computers it is wonderful. I can now potentially develop for Windows Phone 7 and XBOX 360, iPhone, iPad all from one machine. It also means I can transfer all the PC software I own over to the new machine. So I can today justify the new machine by saying I didn't just buy a Mac, I bought two computers for the price of one.

I think however I will primarily be using Lion as it does most things I need it to do, using Windows 7 for the Microsoft specific projects, it also means I can teach those things on this computer too.

I must however to remember to keep a backup of things as if I am using this laptop for everything, it puts a lot of eggs in to one basket.

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