Saturday, 17 March 2012

Poly Wants A Chronic

I think is fair to say I am Polychronic, I can swap between several tasks over the course of the day, although I do make plans they are usually only rough guides or reminders of the work I am not really interested in doing. Tonight I have been researching for a paper I a writing and although this is no complex task for a computer to do, i.e. surfing the net for papers for the literature review, just as I was about to shut down the computer I realised I had about 15 .pdfs open in Preview, Open Office Writer, Firefox (20+ tabs), Thunderbird, Twitter App, Stickies, Finder (several windows). This would have been impossible on the old netbook, but because this machine could, I wrote a 1000+ words in 3 hours without having to reset my computer or close loads of things. So there.

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