Thursday, 8 March 2012

You Can't Get There From Here

I think it is fair to say I am happy with my new laptop. I was meant to go out tonight but in all fairness I was too tired to travel again after teaching all day. Fortunately the new laptop has allowed me to sit on the couch, be sociable and start coding "Cross-side" again.
I have had a demo on my iPhone for ages now I just need to design the levels, the game engine is completely done. "Cross-side" is a spin-off from "OCARBOT" set in the same world but a very different puzzle game altogether.

It is ridiculous I have finished the engine for "OCARBOT" for the XBOX360 and "Cross-side" for the iPhone/iPad I just haven't "finished" it. They are just sitting there on my computers. I have the month of May to finish them. On May the 1st I have the last bit of work I have to do for my PhD this year after that for a month I have nothing planned. So hopefully I will get one of these released.

So today my computer is justified by allowing to get starting on "Cross-side" again once I virtualise Windows or Boot Camp it I can start work on finishing OCARBOT PC, EDU and XBOX 360.

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