Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pretty Lights

So the MacBook Pro arrived yesterday, I was out all day so i didn't get to use it til around 7pm. It like all new machines needed rigorous installing of software to be useful. So the very first thing I installed was Processing, then Arduino, then Open Office, then Thunderbird, then Firefox, then Unity, then updated OSX so I could install XCode 4.3. It only took about 2 hours in total.
My emails were moved over from the old machine, my Firefox was synced with all other machines, it was ready for creating it was ready for research. I also installed Steam because it could and so now it was also ready for gaming. It runs Lion so it took a little getting used to with the mission control / launchpad things but it is all fine now.

The hardest thing for me to grasp is that I can do everything I need to, from one machine.

Today I will be using it for the first time in a workshop. I have already made something with it in Processing for kids to use use in a light and colour workshop being run by a local home educators group. I was only asked around 10:30pm last night if I could and by 12 I was going to bed having made an interactive webcam light colour thing. So I just need to get the coloured gels out of the loft and get some flashlights / torches so the kids can create images with their movements set up the projector and so already the Mac would have been put to good use. I would not have been able to do this on the little old netbook the processor just would not have been able to handle it. The kids would have literally been in the dark.

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